Elderberry Tea Recipes

  This site was designed with two purposes in mind:

  1. To bring you a variety of flavorful elderberry tea recipes, including elderflower teas
  2. To help you locate the products you need to know where to buy elderberry tea ingredients

Making your own delicious homemade elderberry teas is something enjoyable you can do at home. It is also the best way to be able to control your own ingredients and know exactly what is (and is not!) in your cup of tea. This is important because the ingredients you use will actually be steeping in boiling water, steeping out everything that is naturally in your berries, spices, and herbs, and anything that might have been cast or sprayed or otherwise added during the growing and processing process. It is up to you to decide the most important ingredient and buying characteristics of those ingredients, but the best way for you to ensure your end product is one that is comfortable to you in terms of ethics and growing is to buy the ingredients and mix your teas yourself. 

What’s more, when you make your own elderberry tea, you get to decide what flavors are in it (or not!). Don’t like a particular spice called for in a recipe? Don’t use it! Want a little more of a favorite flavor? Add more! Mixing your own loose-leaf tea is a great way to create exactly the flavor you like best. Choose from one of our many elderberry tea recipes or elderflower tea recipes. We’ve carefully mixed and matched and experimented to bring you a wide variety of perfected tea mixes to use just as they are listed here. But we’re not offended if you want to do a little mix-and-match experimentation of your own once you’re comfortable with making your own teas. In fact, we encourage it! (And we’d love to hear all about it—drop us a line!

Recipes for Easy Elderberry Teas:


Ready to start enjoying the benefits of elderberry tea? Start with your favorite recipe from this list:

Original Elderflower and Elderberry Tea Recipe

Our first tea, this Original Elderflower and Elderberry Tea is a timeless favorite.

Basically Basic Elderberry Tea Recipe

The most basic elderberry tea recipe with minimal ingredients and high elderberry (and thus benefit) concentration.

Spiced Elderberry Tea Recipe

Add some spice to your life, and to your elderberry tea! This Elderberry Spice Tea recipe is big on elderberry flavor with added warm spices.

Vanilla Elderberry Tea Recipe

Elderberry and Vanilla are the perfect tea partners in this Vanilla Elderberry Tea blend. Black tea in the mix means a caffeine kick, too, so it's a perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

Elderberry Citrus Tea Recipe

Elderberry Citrus Tea —all the nutrient-dense goodness and immune support of elderberries plus the Vitamin C and immune-boosting power of citrus. Teas don't come much more powerful—or tasty—than this!

Chai Spice Elderberry Tea Recipe

Chai spice and elderberry are the perfect tea partners! Check out this light Chai Spice Elderberry Tea, packed with elderberry flavor & all it brings with it!

Elderberry Cocoa Nib Tea

Cocoa nibs are also mineral- and antioxidant rich foods, making this Elderberry Cocoa Nib Tea one with high-powered potential! 

Elderberry Tea Ingredients Hand-Picked for You

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Elderberry Tea Ingredients

Elderberry Tea Ingredients