Some helpful equivalents and dry yields for elderberry teas

How Much Do I need?

You've got the recipes for your elderberry teas and elderflower teas all picked out. The tough part now is knowing how much you'll actually get from those dry ingredient packages. 

On this page, you'll find real-life yields for different ingredients to help you choose your package sizes according to your tea-making pl

Weight to Volume Conversions: Dried Tea Ingredients

How Many Cups in a POUND of dried elderberries or Tea Ingredients?

Though dry ingredients are sold by weight, what you actually need to know in order to know how much you need of a given ingredient is what the actual dry-measured volume of that ingredient is. In other words, how many cups will you get out of that bag of dried elderberries? After all, there is a HUGE difference in the measured volume of a pound of elderberries as opposed to a pound of dried elderflowers--you get almost 75% more from the dried elderflower!

Ingredients like elderflower weigh much, much less than ingredients like dried elderberries or cinnamon chips. After a while, you'll get to know these conversions just from experience, and knowing how many cups of dried elderberries are in a pound will be second nature to you. In the meantime, we've built this list of common elderberry tea and elderflower tea ingredients and listed approximate yields per standard package sizes. From there, all you have to do is do the math to know how much of a given ingredient you need for the recipes you've chosen to make, and buy accordingly. Do note that you will find some slight variation between different sources and manufacturers, but overall this list will give you pretty accurate weights to measures to help you when buying your tea ingredients. The conversions listed here are from measures we've taken from our own purchases of the ingredients listed in the elderberry tea shop.


Elderberry Tea Ingredients by Measure

How Many Cups of Dried Elderberries in a pound?

How Many Cups of Dried Elderberries in a pound?

How Many Cups of Dried Elderberries in a pound?

how many cups dried elderberry in a pound

One pound of dried elderberries yields a little more than one quart by volume. You will get about 4 1/2 cups of dried elderberries in one pound. (Most brands yield 4 to 5 cups per pound. Plan for 4 cups per pound, and you should have a little left over.) 

How many cups of dried elderflower in a pound?

How Many Cups of Dried Elderberries in a pound?

How Many Cups of Dried Elderberries in a pound?

dried elderflower 16 cups in one pound

Elderflower is very light, so a single pound goes a very long way. One pound of dried elderflower will yield nearly a GALLON by dry measure--that's 4 quarts, or about 16 cups of dried elderflower in every one-pound bag! While this may sound like an awful lot, there are many things you can do with dried elderflower, and many teas you can use it in. What's more, as long as you keep the elderflower dried and well-sealed in an air-tight container, it will last for a very long time. Still, you may find that a 4-ounce bag of dried elderflower is plenty for you, and you should still get about 2 cups of elderflower in a four-ounce bag. Bulk one-pound bags are much cheaper per ounce, though.