Elderflower Vanilla Tea Recipe

Elderflower Vanilla Tea Recipe

To bring a little more flavor to your elderflower tea recipes, ingredients like vanilla can really step things up. This easy little recipe brings you all the elderflower tea benefits you’re looking for while also mixing it up in the flavor department and delivering even more unique variety to your pantry profile. 

Elderflower Vanilla Tea Mix


  1. If using whole vanilla beans, prepare by chopping into small pieces, about ¼ inch in size.
  2. Using a mortar and pestle, lightly crush whole cardamom seeds, just to break them open. 
  3. Measure dried elderflower into a medium-size mixing bowl. Add the vanilla bean pieces or vanilla powder and the crushed cardamom to the dried elderflowers. 
  4. Using a mixing spoon, gently stir the ingredients to mix through and evenly distribute, taking care not to break up the elderflower too much. 
  5. Transfer elderflower tea to a one-pint jar or airtight container. Seal tightly. 
  6. To prepare elderflower vanilla tea, use one teaspoon tea mix per eight-ounce cup of steaming hot water. Steep for about 4 to 5 minutes or to desired strength. A teaspoon of honey or other favorite sweetener will nicely round out this tea, or serve without sweetener if preferred.

*There are a couple of options for using vanilla as an ingredient in elderflower tea recipes. One option is to buy in bulk whole dried vanilla beans (best prices are typically found online). These can be cut into small pieces for use in the tea. Cut whole vanilla beans are the “cleanest” option for tea-making, but is sometimes more expensive. 

A second option is to use dried vanilla bean powder. This is a good option because it often delivers a stronger vanilla flavor, is easy to use (just measure, no chopping!), and will usually be more economical in the end. The downside to vanilla bean powder is that it is more fine and, depending on your brewing and steeping equipment, it can sometimes leak through your strainer and leave a sediment in the bottom of your cup of tea, which is a little less palatable. There is nothing unsafe about using or ingesting the vanilla powder, it is simply a matter of preference and enjoyment. One additional note when buying and using vanilla bean powder—most powders you come across are actually designed to be shake or pudding ingredients. Make sure what you purchase is a dry vanilla bean powder (actual ground vanilla beans and no starches or other ingredients!). The vanilla bean powder listed on this site is one that we have used a number of times in both elderflower tea recipes and elderberry vanilla tea recipes as well, so you can be sure it is the right product!

As real vanilla in any form is a pricier ingredient, this recipe has been kept deliberately small, however, if you are a vanilla-lover, it is easy to double or triple this batch to make more for your supply shelf!


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