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Here, you will find the best hand-picked ingredients for making elderberry tea blends and elderflower teas. They are the ingredients that we use in our very own elderberry tea making—the very same ingredients that WE buy. They have been carefully selected by price, quality, reliability, and producer reputation.  We have also selected the forms of the specific ingredients that we feel make the best, most enjoyable elderberry and elderflower teas. 

We have developed this page as a convenience to you, our website users. The task of searching and shopping for elderberry tea ingredients can be quite time-consuming. We’ve been shopping for these very products for a number of years now, and so we’ve come to trust and buy these products repeatedly from these sellers. We’ve narrowed down what we believe to be the best balance of product quality and cost. You can click on these links to buy directly. After all the searching and sorting, these are the best elderberry tea products from the best elderberry, tea, and spice sellers that we have found. 

*You will find that primarily the links included on this site and in this Elderberry Tea Shop will lead you to Amazon, along with a select few other vendors. Amazon is frequently the best place for one-stop shopping for elderberry tea-making supplies. As an affiliate, we receive a small commission for referral from Amazon and possibly from other vendors as well. This never increases the cost to you; the prices remain the same (it’s basically part of Amazon’s advertising budget). However, the proceeds from these affiliate programs does support the cost of hosting, maintaining, and running this website. Without the proceeds from such programs, this site simply is not possible. We ask you to PLEASE BUY THROUGH THE LINKS ON THIS WEBSITE so that we can continue to host and provide the information you find here, and can continue to bring you more delicious, nutritious elderberry and elderflower tea recipes!

Approximate Yield by Dry Measure

Estimates for Purchasing & Planning

Dried ingredients, including dried elderberries, elderflowers, citrus peels, herbs, and spices, are sold by weight (typically, ounces or pounds). For planning purposes only, use the following estimates as a guide (the yield by measure will not be exact, but should be close enough to help you in deciding on package size and quantity). Yield by measure will vary by ingredient type, but  this range will be close enough to help you plan your purchases: 

  • 1-pound bag dried product yields approximately 4 to 6 cups
  • 4-ounce package yields approximately 1.5 to 2 cups
  • 1-ounce package herbs measure approximately 4 tablespoons (more for some lighter flowers and herbs)
  • For more specific yields of specific tea ingredients, check our How Much To Buy page (on this page, ingredients are listed individually and measurements are those we have tested ourselves for products listed).

*Prices provided are accurate at time of listing and are subject to change. Please click on listing for updated pricing, and for safe and secure order processing through Amazon.com.

Dried Elderberry

1 pound bulk organic dried elderberries

Frontier Naturals CERTIFIED ORGANIC Dried Elderberry, 1 LB Bulk Bag

Certified organic elderberries, chemical- and pesticide-free. Frontier is a company with reliable quality and consistency. One pound dried berries measures approximately 4.5 cups. 

Dried Elderberries for tea

Frontier Naturals Dried Elderberries, 1 LB Bulk Bag

Cleanly and sustainably-grown dried elderberries from Fronteir Naturals are a more economical alternative to Certified Organic, with still great quality. Approx 4.5 cups per bag by volume.

8 oz bag certified organic dehydrated elderberries for tea

8-Ounce Bag CERTIFIED ORGANIC Dried Elderberries

Certified organic dehydrated elderberries offered in a smaller size bag. Measures approximately 2 cups by volume. A good choice for first-time experimentation or for making smaller quantities of elderberry tea. 

8 oz dried elderberries 1/2 lb bag

Natural Dried Elderberries, 8-ounce Bag

One-half pound bag, approximately 2 (+) cups by volume. An economical choice for smaller batches of elderberry tea. 

Dried Elderflower

Certified Organic Dried Elderflower 1 lb bulk bag, Elderflower tea

Certified ORGANIC Dried Elderflowers, 1 LB Bulk Bag

Quality Certified Organic elderflowers from Starwest Botanicals. One-pound bags are the most economical way to purchase dried elderflower, as prices per ounce increase considerably in smaller sizes. One-pound bulk bag. Estimated 7-8 cups measured by volume.

Buy Dried Elderflower for tea, 1 lb bulk

Frontier Naturals Dried Elderflower, 1 LB Bulk Bag

One-pound bulk bag dried elderflowers will give you plenty to mix a variety of elderflower teas. Frontier is a leading provider of quality dried elderflowers. Measure by volume is estimated at 7-8 cups per bag. Most affordable purchasing option for elderflower.

Four-ounce small bag dried elderflower for tea.

4-Ounce Dried Elderflower, Organic

Four-ounce bag for smaller elderflower tea mix batches (will make approximately one batch, depending on recipe chosen). Estimated yield per bag is 2 cups by measure. 

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Chai Spice mix for Tea

Chai Spice Mix

A delicious Chai Spice blend for tea recipes. 1.5 ounce package.

Dry Bulk Tea Leaves

bulk black tea for tea blends and elderberry or elderflower tea recipes

Bulk Black Tea Leaves, 8-Ounce Bag

Blends perfectly with elderberry tea and elderflower teas calling for black tea in the recipe. Adds a tasty caffeine boost to virtually any elderflower or elderberry tea recipe.