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Elderflower Tea Recipes

Packed with mutiple health benefits all on their own, elderflowers, the blossoms of the elderberry bush, are equally powerful, but with a much lighter, fruitier, floral flavor. We use elderflowers as both stand-alone base tea ingredients and as accompaniments in other elderberry-based teas. 

Each use has great merit, with the elderflower often providing a smoother, lighter balance in the tea recipes and mixes. Peruse our growing library of elderflower tea recipes. You are sure to fall in love with this mighty little flower!

Recipes for Elderflower-Based Teas:


Light and delicious and also packed with nutrients and other benefits, elderflower teas will wow you, too! Explore this list to find your new favorite elderflower tea recipe:

Elderflower Citrus Tea Recipe

Light, fruity, and delicately floral, this elderflower tea with citrus added brings a lot to the table for comfort and immune support.

Elderflower Evensong Tea Recipe

Elderflower and lavender come together in this subtly fruity, floral tea, perfect to help you restore the body and relax the mind--the perfect way to end an evening on your way to a good night's sleep. 

Elderflower Vanilla Tea Recipe

Elderflower Vanilla Tea blends some of the best-known flavors Mother Nature has to offer. Subtly fruity-floral elderflower and all-natural vanilla bean complement each other perfectly for a relaxing, tasty tea!

Elderflower Cocoa Nib Tea Recipe

Love a little chocolate in your life? Then you will LOVE this Elderflower Cocoa Nib Tea! It's a great, low-cal, low-carb way to get your fix of elderflower power AND chocolate! (we wont lie, though--it's even better with a teaspoon of honey or favorite sweetener.)

New Elderflower Tea Recipe Coming Soon!

Check Back for the next delicious elderflower tea recipe!

New Elderflower Tea Recipe Coming Soon!

Check Back for the next delicious elderflower tea recipe!

Hand-Selected Elderflower Tea Ingredients

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Don't forget to add some elderberry to your tea totals, too! Find excellent elderberry tea recipes here!

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