Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!

Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!

Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!

Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!

Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!

Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!Looking for Elderberry Tea Recipes? Find them here!

Choose your favorite elderberry & elderflower tea recipes and buy the best elderberry tea ingredients right here!

Elderberry Tea, Elderberry Tea Recipes
Elderberry Tea, Elderberry Tea Recipes


We host a growing library of elderberry tea recipes, elderberry information, links to buy elderberry tea ingredients, tea-making tools and products, and even a few other elderberry recipes just to round out your repertoire. We make getting your daily dose of elderberry easy and delicious—teas and recipes based in health, for the sheer enjoyment of them! 

Scroll down and Read on for more about the mighty and powerful elderberry (and the elderflower, too) or jump ahead to find your favorite elderberry tea mix.

Elderberry: The Wisdom of the Ages

Elderberry. Its roots run deep in nature and tradition. Though in recent years (at least in the U.S.) it has become something of a lesser-known food, elderberry products of all types have been a staple in traditional and native cooking. The elderberry bush is native to North America, as it is throughout many parts of the world. It grows somewhat elusively in marginal lands that are often wet or borderline swampy. It thrives randomly on roadsides wherever it may. And it gives to us not one, but two nutritionally superior crops that make excellent jams, jellies, baked goods, syrups, toppings, wines, elixirs, and yes, TEA! 

Both the elderflower (the blossom of the plant) and the elderberry are not only delicious tea base products, but they are nutritionally beneficial and superior to many other fruits and berries in many ways (in fact, many other foods in general). High in antioxidants and numerous beneficial compounds, elderberries and elderflowers are widely believed, with a body of evidence growing by the day to support the claims, to provide excellent immune support while also being capable of mitigating the symptoms, duration, and severity of colds and flus (among other health issues). 

Thankfully, we are today once again seeing the whole benefits of the elderberry plant. We are once again remembering the earthy goodness and flavor of this dark, delicious berry. We are coming to understand its properties and benefits in ways that our ancestors knew without really knowing. We are searching out the science that proves that Grandma really did know best, and we are bringing this native, easy-growing plant back into the mainstream all over the world (though truth be told, across the globe many European and British cultures never lost sight or use of the elderberry at all—they grow an estimated 30,000 acres of elderberry to our 1,000 in the U.S.!). 

what's so great about elderberry?

  • The elderberry is a traditional food, now turned nutraceutical 
  • Known for its immune-support and health benefits
  • High in antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins, and numerous beneficial compounds
  • Research continues into the benefits and efficacy of this berry used throughout traditional medicine, gaining ground in today’s health scene
  • Many easy ways to incorporate elderberry and elderflower into a daily diet, including jellies, baked goods, flavoring syrups, and teas

Elderberry and Elderflower Tea for Immune Support

Elderberry Enjoyment, Yesterday and Today

From the jams and jellies of yesterday that many of us can still remember, to the more popular nutraceutical-based syrups and elderberry teas of today, Elderberry and its many easy health benefits are making their way back to us in forms new and old. Elderberry tea, in particular, is one product that has grown in popularity for many good reasons:

  • Tea is an easy way to get your daily dose of elderberry and/or elderflower and incorporate its benefits into a well-supported, immune-friendly diet
  • Elderberry and elderflower teas are delicious as well as nutritious, soothing and enjoyable—no other reason needed
  • Teas have no added sugar or sweeteners as many elderberry syrups and gummy preparations do—get your daily dose of elderberry without increased blood-sugar risk!
  • Elderberry products bring many of us back to our roots and a time of nostalgia, bringing with it the wisdom of the ages
  • Elder teas, in fact any elderberry product, are a natural way to incorporate a high-level antioxidant into your daily diet while also benefitting from other vitamins and elements this powerful little berry has to offer 

Where to find Elderberry Tea for Sale

There are a variety of resources for buying elderberry tea. From pre-mixed commercial teas to elderberry herbal tea, there are a number of options. 

Making your own elderberry tea is simple, and you get to control all the ingredients—choose from organic tea ingredients if that is important to you; mix and match the flavors that you like best; add additional complimentary tea ingredients for even stronger immune support, or just for flavor. The choices are yours, and we’re here to help. 

Step into our site and explore our informational pages and guides, or step over to our library of elderberry tea recipes, ready for you. You’ll find a variety of selections that include basic elderberry and elderflower teas, but also teas with more flavor variety, and some, even, with a bit of a caffeine boost to get your through your day while still enjoying the taste and boosting benefits of the berry. We’ve even included some affiliate shopping links to our tried, tested, and true ingredients for our elderberry teas—the very ingredients we use ourselves for making elderberry teas for our own friends and family!

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